Governor Newsom Stands with Child Care Providers

Save Our Contract! Save Our Pay!

Child Care Providers Say NO on the Recall!
VOTE by September 14th

What’s the Recall Election About?

Antiworker millionaires and billionaires spent heavily to put a recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom on the ballot, intent on slashing wages, defunding public education, and stripping workers of their collective bargaining rights. This recall is nothing more than a power grab by wealthy corporate interests during a non-election year and they must be stopped. 

Why is the Recall Election Important to Child Care Providers?

We, the family child care providers of California, fought for nearly two decades for our first union contract – and anti-worker millionaires are already trying to take it away. If the Recall succeeds, we risk all that we’ve been fighting for: decisions about child care in the budget, the future of our contracts, strong COVID protections.

Not one of the candidates on the ballot is on the side of workers. Losing the recall means losing the opportunity to expand our wins for healthcare, paid time off, retirement, timely payments, training and resources, and more through the Joint Labor Management Committees (JLMC).

Why is the Recall Election Important to Parents?

Governor Newsom has made children and their families a priority. Most recently, he has funded 100,000 child care spaces for children 0 – 3 years old, helping families access the child care they need. The anti-women and anti-kid candidates hoping to replace him can’t be counted on to help families and providers care for our state’s children.

What Can We Do to Stop This?

VOTE NO ON THE RECALL! Tell your family and friends to VOTE NO! All Californians will get a ballot in the mail this month. The first question on the ballot asks if we want to recall Gov. Newsom. To protect our contract, we need to VOTE NO! The second question is about who would replace Gov. Newsom if he is recalled. We say, NONE OF THEM. The leading candidates to replace Newsom are all anti-worker extremists who would cut our pay and attack our union. 

How Do We Vote?

Voting is simple. Just fill out your ballot when you get it in the mail – NO on Question #1 – and return it in the mail or in-person by September 14th. There’s no need to answer Question #2. No postage is necessary! For more information on voting, click here.

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